A project about the undocumented and unshared heritage of migrants in our Kensington/Anfield area of Liverpool, UK.


PROJECT SUMMARY: A project about the undocumented and unshared heritage of migrants in our Kensington/Anfield area of Liverpool, UK.


The project will address the following specific need and opportunity of interest:

  • To provide a voice, document & share heritage of migrants: The need to offer a voice and opportunity to 80 migrants from 20 different countries including Refugees/Asylum seekers to tell undocumented and unshared stories of their individual experiences as to Why they left their countries to the UK in particular Liverpool and What challenges they have faced (e.g. FGM, LGBT, War, State-less/political/faith discriminations, Modern-day slavery victims, sexism) and How they arrived here. Also, to give us histories and demonstrations from their countries on
    1. Traditional food recipes and food types;
    2. Traditional costume for identity & cultural experience.
  • Opportunity to create an archive of the heritage of migrants community in Liverpool: Opportunity to create a new archive of histories/memories of migrants (Black and Racial Minority) community in Liverpool as a legacy of the project to posterity. Outcomes in archive will be used for learning and sharing (e.g. through Liverpool Libraries & Archive Service and Online) with new audiences and avoid that heritage being lost to future generations.


    1. A one-day training workshop on best practice in ‘collecting oral history/memories testimony’ from migrants: by ASRaudio (Andrew Schofield);
    2. A one-day training session for participants to develop skills: (a) on how to use archives and local history material to research their heritage; (b) to catalog project materials for archives: by Liverpool Libraries and Archive Service;
    3. A one-day workshop on curating and developing exhibitions: by Museum of Liverpool. These include project participants, staff, volunteers and trustees to gain knowledge, confidence and ensure that anyone working on the project is well informed and trained appropriately.
  • ENGAGE MIGRANTS FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES IN HERITAGE EVENTS: The project involves 80 migrants from 20 countries, for example: Albania, Afghanistan, Angola, Cameroon, Czech Republic, DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Kuwait, Rwanda, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Syria, Sudan, Zimbabwe.
  • TRAINING IN SOCIAL MEDIA & BLOGGING: Workshop to train staff, trustees and volunteers on how to create content for usage in:
    1. Social media for heritage, and
    2. Internet/website blogging for heritage, to enable participants to gain awareness, appropriate knowledge, and confidence about the benefits and implications of using both skills in heritage activities.

    The situation will enable staff, volunteers and trustees to better understand the benefits and pitfalls then avoid risks, for example, to avoid mistakes or negative incidents going viral by posts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber and LinkedIn).

  • OUTCOMES: Outcomes of the project will help to create an archive of histories and memories of migrants community in Liverpool for learning and share with new audiences and for posterity.