About Us

Sustainability Development (SD)

SD Is a charity organization, we unite people of different cultures & faiths as well as promote sustainable capacity development for disadvantaged communities and individuals.

The main purpose of SD includes to:

  1. Reduce racial problems and improve social integration
  2. Develop sustainable skills for jobs and small business
  3. Relieve poverty and advance education
  4. Advance health & well-being for a more active lifestyle
  5. Protect the environment through renewable energy

The target group includes ethnic minority communities, for example, from Europe and other parts of the world (including refugees and asylum seekers). We are a small but very focused organization that has been developing a good track record over the last few years.

Our Vision

SD seeks to enable sustainable capacity development and unite people, so that individuals and communities are more confident, cohesive and equipped, in order to fulfil their potentials.

Our Mission

To promote awareness, advance education & capacity building, health & wellbeing for disadvantaged communities and individuals: in order to achieve the relief of poverty through the creation of jobs and employment, while contributing to the value of multicultural diversity and a greener environment.

Our Management Team

The board of directors of SD is in charge of governing the organization, appointing the CEO, Secretary and Treasurer. The CEO is in charge of overall duties and project activities which include: developing policies with the board, sourcing funds and representing SD to the rest of world.

Our Core Values

Promoting community cohesion and sustainable capacity development by enriching and empowering individuals & communities to fulfil their potentials, build good relationships and embrace creativity and innovation.