Frequently Asked Questions

Promote Sustainable Capacity Development

We mean: to create awareness, empower and train people for skills, for example, to "fish and farm" with the goal of being able to feed themselves, their families and others for life.

This goal includes the ability to build skills and alleviate poverty through sustainable economic development in a connected world. We achieve this goal through our unique way of delivering our services for transformation, by combining:

  1. Awareness of health & well-being
  2. Advancement of education
  3. Elements for sustainable continuous improvement

We mean "community cohesion" which implies amicable living (mutual co-existence in harmony) of diverse people (or groups) in a geographical area.

Community cohesion is the "glue" that must be put in place to bond different people together in a community, which will then, enable them to get on well with one another.

A key element of community cohesion is "social integration" which is a phenomenon that must occur to enable people from different backgrounds, ethnic groups, cultures, faiths, new residents and existing residents to build good relationships, mutually accept and respect one another.

In an environment of multicultural diversity, community cohesion can bring about a sense of common belonging, recognition of the value of diversity and bridge social divisions. Community cohesion has the capability to positively influence collaboration, transformation plan, partnerships and enhance "sustainable capacity development" in a society.